Jazz in the North East and beyond Great Britain,  Review by Lance.

New Orleans-born pianist Sanders is described as a unique voice and his trio is referred to as unconventional.  I second the motion!  Maybe we could add Quirky!

The cover art, the titles and the execution tell us that this isn’t going to be a straight drive down the freeway but, rather a meandering journey through side roads and dirt paths although there are some moments when the foot is on the pedal and they are in the fast lane pursued by a hip cop.

Take a look at the titles: Let’s Start; Wheelchair; Red Panda; Round You Go; Room; You Are a Creature (title track); Carol’s Kid; Zora The Cat; Repeater; Keep on the Watch; Peculiar People; Day Zombie; The Blessing.  Not your average song titles. But these aren’t songs/tunes or numbers – they are compositions!

Not your average piano, bass and drums trio either but a unit of equals.

Given that the album was produced by Fred Hersch I could have said 5 stars without listening – Fred knows a thing or two! But, of course, that would be cheating! I, despite my suspicion of original compositions, go along with Fred. One of the most original piano albums I have heard in years. True there are moments when Monk springs to mind and others when Bill Evans seems inspirational. Maybe Jarrett is in their too – both Keith and Cody – particularly the latter as Sanders would be justified in telling his mother that he’s “Top of the world” – ask your [grand] parents to explain!