By Brent Black.

The Nick Sanders Trio’s “You Are A Creature” is creativity on steroids!

The sophomore effort from Nick Sanders might best be described as Monk and Bud Powell get in a bar fight on Bourbon Street. Never heard of Nick? You will! Produced by the legendary Fred Hersch we find the trio working the harmonic high wire without a net and taking the more traditional concept of a piano trio into uncharted waters and with smashing results!

One of the most important keys to success with “You Are A Creature” is that aside from odd and sometimes multiple meters combined with a percussive and rhythmic burst of fury, the listener is never pushed over the edge of the melodic cliff. There is a distinct lyrical sense of purpose clearly indicating Sanders hears the possibilities of compositional development differently than most of his contemporaries. There is an almost eerie dynamic tension to “Wheelchair” which pairs nicely left of center movement of “Round You Go.”

Creativity and vision are off the charts as these musical conversations deconstruct and rebuild the tune as you listen.

One of the most dynamic trios you will find!