Nick Sanders and Logan Strosahl: Janus

By George W. Harris
The allure of duet albums is that there is really nowhere to hide. That, and the fact that someone has to either state or imply the rhythm keeps the listener involved and on ones toes. Such is the case of the strong points of the meeting with pianist Nick Sanders and Logan Strosahl, who brings his alto and tenor sax for a mix of originals and covers. Strosahl’s tenor is dreamy on “Stardust” his alto sounds classical as he sobs to “Sigma.” The two are able to have some playful bop runs on the free flying “Thelonious” and snap into a hip unison line on the sweet “Bebop Tune.” Stroshal sounds regal on “ Ros,Liz, Printemps, Verdure” and the two get stately before Strosahl squeals on “the collection of “Selections.” Intriguing and well-choreographed conversations.