Nick Sanders and Logan Strosahl: Janus

Janus is the mythological Roman god of time with faces simultaneously looking both forward and backward. Janus (Sunnyside Records) is also the name of the new duo CD by pianist Nick Sanders and saxophonist Logan Strosahl where they reinvent medieval ancient composer Guillaume de Machaut [1300-1377], French aristocrat Francois Couperin [1668-1733], Olivier Messiaen [1908-1992], Thelonious Monk [1917-1982] and Hoagy Carmichael [1899-1981]. There’s also some very forward-thinking progressive originals that have them playing off one another both in diametrically opposed sparring or in-sync unison and harmony. It’s all very heady and keeps the interest flowing over the course of 12 tracks of which their own “Be-Bop Tune” stands out. Highly recommended for classical fans wanting a little something different.