Nick Sanders and Logan Strosahl: Janus

Janus is the mythological Roman god of time with faces simultaneously looking both forward and backward.¬†Janus¬†(Sunnyside Records) is also the name of the new duo CD by pianist Nick Sanders and saxophonist Logan Strosahl where they reinvent medieval ancient composer Guillaume de Machaut [1300-1377], French aristocrat Francois Couperin [1668-1733], Olivier Messiaen [1908-1992], Thelonious Monk [1917-1982] and Hoagy Carmichael [1899-1981]. There’s also some very forward-thinking progressive originals that have them playing off one another both in diametrically opposed sparring or in-sync unison and harmony. It’s all very heady and keeps the interest flowing over the course of 12 tracks of which their own “Be-Bop Tune” stands out. Highly recommended for classical fans wanting a little something different.